Have you ever thought about getting into custom blending? If you said yes, this webinar is for you. We will review all systems in detail and answer any questions you may have about transitioning into custom blending. Custom blending creates an individualized beauty experience and will enhance your business. Feel free to tune in for the whole program. If you want more information on one system in particular, you can log in at the appropriate time to discuss only that system!

Techniques for covering pigmentation issues on the face and around the eyes. Neutralize, obliterate or one-step correction depending on coloration and location.

January 21st, 12:00 pm CST   Check Your Time Zone

Trend report revealed… the latest makeup trends straight from New York Fashion Week. We will showcase the latest color and product trends and demonstrate how to make them work for your clientele. Our newest Spring products will be highlighted. Log on for this live, fun and interactive webinar.

February 18th, 12:00 pm CST   Check Your Time Zone

Here Comes The Bride …. airbrushed to perfection! Bridal season is quickly approaching. Come join us to discuss techniques that are going to make any bride shine on their special day …. with airbrush demo. What you want to consider when doing bridal makeup, time lines, how do you charge and many more thoughts.

March 18th, 12:00 pm CST   Check Your Time Zone

Just like a fine art painter who creates his vision on a canvas… we will teach how to analyze the face to create the perfect application for each client. Understanding these principles will allow you to enhance your client’s beauty by creating the illusion of a perfectly symmetrical and proportioned face.

April 15th, 12:00 pm CST   Check Your Time Zone

Bronzed and beautiful without the hazards of UV rays…. so today we will faux! We will demonstrate techniques to create a faux tan that looks natural and radiant on the skin. Product recommendations for the hot, humid summer months when less is best. These techniques and product recommendation will insure that your business will not suffer during the heat of summer.

May 20th, 12:00 pm CST   Check Your Time Zone

Showroom Appointments Available – Call to Schedule

Need to look at Colors and learn more about our products in person? Our showroom is always available

Can’t get here? NO PROBLEM! We can do a virtual showroom appointment with your webcam.
Demos, Product Information and more! Speak with your representative “face to face”! We can connect
with multiple computers or devices, allowing your employees to train from various locations, yet still be together as a group.
A convenient way to interact directly with one of our professional instructors or sales associates. The perfect tool for learning
about your new custom blend system, airbrushing or a bridal make-up course. Even if you need a refresher course, we are
here to help you succeed.

Complimentary Virtual Training available When You Purchase Custom Blend Systems.

Call your account representative to schedule your appointment. 800-790-2417